The Mystery Ice Ball




The Mystery Ice Ball


The mystery ICE BALL is made of hollow glass sphere without seams and filled with magnetized water. Low-temperature magnetized water can produce tractive function, and help the skin to achieve a good absorption condition and strengthen skin’s resistance. It can calm down allergies, irritation, and pain. The interaction between the ICE BALL and the body’s own magnetic fields can promote skin cell’s metabolism, and enhance its ability of regeneration.


1. Enhance skin firmness, excellence on improving eye bags, forehead lines and fine lines around the mouth.

2. Perfect result on rough skin, large pores, sun repair and facial telangiectasia etc.

3. Calming down skin, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-itching;

4. Help to improve acne, spot, tinea, trigeminal ache, swirl, headache, fever, heliosis and scald etc.


1. Store in the refrigerator (around 3°C to produce

cold treatment effect;

2. Thoroughly clean the glass balls with clear water

or gentle cleanser, and dry with clean cloth or

cotton before use;

3. Rolling gently over the treatment area (body, face,

eye or neck area), or can be used together with the

gel or cream mask as the base;

4. Suitable for daily use and clean the balls after using.