Medical treatment

British Ultra Star HIFU non-invasive ultrasound treatment applied to the cheek lift / double chin / eyes / frontal / prefrontal, HIFU can direct the superficial dermis under the aponeurosis make recombinant cell regeneration. Effectively stimulate the proliferation of collagen, smooth firm skin, highlighting the eye, enhance facial contours. Operated by a professional therapist.

Skin Treatment

Combining ee quality skin care lines with the advanced beauty treatment instruments, ee professional facial treatments can revitalize your skin deep from the dermas, and supply essential nutrients to keep your charming young look.

Slimming Treatment

Our crew of slimming beauticians using their professional slimming techniques coupled with advanced slimming equipment create the perfect body curve for our customers.

Spa Treatment

Combined with Traditional Chinese health care culture and Modern Western spa method,a sense of physical and mental relaxation can be achieved and sooth your nerves.