About EE

The manufacturer of ee was found in Switzerland since 1900, producing a comprehensive range of top quality beauty and health care products, cosmetics and toiletries for both household and professional use. The company boasts Swiss thoroughness and scrupulous attention, together with strict GMP quality control and HACCP management, and also combined with avant-garde research in its fully equipped laboratories to ensure that only the very best state-of-the-art products reach ee’s customers.


In year 1997, ee was borned and developed in order to create a more safety, convenient and economy way for people to experience the rejuvenating function of sheep embryo, with Swiss advance technology in sheep embryo extracting. The brand name ee is the abbreviation of “Ewe Embryo”. This revolutionary line broke the traditional concept of sheep embryo in social public, but refine and combine the injection concept in outer use skin care products.


Now, ee has launched vervious series of products to cope with different customers’ needs, including the Gene factors line for anti-aging, Aroma Therapy line for both home and professional spa use and also beauty instructments etc

All the ee products not only have to conform to Swiss stringent quality control and testing procedure, but also certified to the European standards and FDA U.S.A. standard, by the international laboratory ITS.


After three years R & D refining for the Asian market, ee was first introduced in Hong Kong in year 2000. It soon built up the e-beauty club with over 10,000 members, and gained “The Most Popular Award of ewe embryonic products” in 2001 and 2003 from Watson’s.


In 2003, the born of ee beauty shop leads ee into a new era, which promotes both the professional image and services, since ee beauty shop not only delivering the whole line of ee products, but also provide professional consultation and one stop beauty treatment services. Until year 2015, ee has 6 shops and one beauty training center located in Hong Kong island, Kowloon, and New Territories, and 3 beauty shops in GuangZhou, Wuhan China.