It is selected from around 20 types of Rhizome plants as the fermentation base, also using pineapple, lemon, papaya, kelp, seaweed, barley, wheat oat, Gandoderma, medlar leaves, loquat leaves, high quality bacteria ( Lactic acid and Aspergillus oryzae) to undergo fermentation, purification and drying to form the power complex, it is the ideal supplement for the intestines.

The natural herbal enzyme will improve the metabolic system, and improve the body constitution, help maintain the intestinal functions, it is the ideal choice for the modern society to help maintain health Trizymase have resistance with the stomach acid and it will not be affected, it is used only as the intestinal cells to help the radicals in the intestines to grow and bloom, maintaining a balance in the intestines, achieving better health for the human body. One Hundred percent in the natural ingredients does not include Senna leaves (sennoside A and sennoside B) and medicine ingredients. It is an alkaline supplement, can improve the acidic body constitution. It is from the natural extract technology, can be stored under room temperature for two years. The special and professional Hydrolysis technology is used in the old and waste cells. Micro power technology will improve and increase the contact with the intestinal walls. Cleanse the intestines without sharp pains in the abdomen and will not become reliant and not side effects.

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